Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something Blue!

I thought I'd share a couple of blue tea mugs to show that we do have other colours in our house other than pink!  One of my sisters gave these to me a few years back. They are really nice to drink from and are from the 'Misty Charm' range from Royal Bone China.

 I will be joining Sandi for her 61st Tea Time Tuesday and Lady Katherine's Tea Time Tuesday.

New Blogger...Wendy, my sister who gave me the above tea mugs, has just started a blog and is in the process of learning all the 'blogging ropes'!! I'd love you to visit her and welcome her to blogland. You can visit Wendy here wendy-countrysampler


Mariette said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

That is a SWEET post in two ways; for helping out your sister Wendy and for the photos you put on here! Okay, just got back from visiting Wendy and following her. Now I'm ready to sit with you and sip a tea from your perfect setting. What a gorgeous hydrangeas and perfect color with the tablecloth and your pretty cups. Is the dessert really sweet-sweet? I am not suppose to use sugar so I might have to skip that but still love to sip your tea. As a matter of fact I am having a tea right now with a rice cake, some vegetable tortillas with flax seeds in them and mixed, unsalted nuts. Healthy snack for mid afternoon and it carries me through till suppertime.

Lots of love,


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette,
Thank you for introducing your sister. Your blue mugs are very pretty and would be a pleasure to sip tea or coffee from, I'm sure! Your photos are lovely and the blue is soft and feminine. Thank you for sharing and for joining me for tea. Hope you have a wonderful week.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said... Reply to comment

so pretty, sometimes I like a mug instead of a cup..they hold so much more!!

yvette said... Reply to comment

Just a lovely 'dreamy' post. A tranquil setting for a cup of tea.I love bllue and white anytime, and it's also a change in my house too.yvette@twistedvines

Willow said... Reply to comment

Your tea mugs are so pretty. I love and collect mugs.

Lavender Cottage said... Reply to comment

Blue and white always seem so nice together. Your new mugs are pretty and I see some goodies to have with tea.

♥ Miss Tea said... Reply to comment

how sweet is your sister to give you such beautiful mugs! i love the color especially and the pattern are lovely! Thanks for sharing and Have a great day! Susan

bj said... Reply to comment

Your cups are very pretty.
Thanks so much for coming by. I am going to link up to follow. Come back to see me soon.:)

bj said... Reply to comment

OOO and meant to say, going by to see your sis. :))

Beth said... Reply to comment

Annette, The teacups are really pretty. I like blue too! Your goodies look great; wish I had one right now!
Blessings, Beth

Lynn said... Reply to comment

What beautiful soothing tea cup you have put out today. The soft color of the hydrangeas matches perfectly. I am off to visit Wendy now. Thank you for the tea. Sorry I had to pass on the yummy looking dessert, I don't allow myself sweets very often. However, know everyone else will enjoy, it looks so good! Blessings.

Marydon said... Reply to comment

What a charming way to introduce your sister, Annette ... love your mugs & your presentation of them with the hygrangea accents. Just lovely. Going to visit sister now.

Happy pink April lst ~


LV said... Reply to comment

Glad you introduced us to you sister. I will definitely check her out.I know hat I went through when I first started blogging.

Kathy said... Reply to comment

Well aren't those pretty! Nothing wrong with a little lovely blue to break up the pink once in a while! ;-)

pinkim said... Reply to comment

Hi There you have a very pretty blog...I like it so much that i have decided to follow you...I am Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

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