Sunday, August 10, 2014

In the kitchen

Would you believe I started this post back in May and got distracted so 'saved a draft' and now here I am some 3 months later, picking up where I left off!!!


After having a high cholesterol reading quite a few months back and elevated blood sugar, I decided to take stock of what I was putting in my mouth and research some things on food. One of the additions I've added to my diet is blueberries. For breakfast now I make a juice which contains our local orange juice (no preservatives etc), blueberries, strawberries, banana and spinich. I love it.

I've amended a few other things as well, and when I went back a few weeks back for another cholesterol test it was all good and had dropped quite a bit. Yay!

For Mother's Day Paul and I did a day trip down to Adelaide to see our Mums
Here is Mum and me out in the garden where she lives at Resthaven.

I baked some Raspberry Struesal Muffins to take down to Adelaide. Here was the recipe I used for the Muffins but I added a dollop of custard in the middle for a little surprise. I also bought some lace cup cake wrappers to make them a little bit fancy!

Fast forward to August!!

I feel like I've been in a bit of a 'work bubble' over the past few months with lots of projects on the go and one taking quite of lot more time than expected, but think things are getting a bit more manageable again now.

In my quest to watch what I put in my mouth, I have been eating more nuts, especially walnuts. I tend to always put crushed walnuts into my cake mixes now too, along with replacing one cup of flour for almond meal. My most favourite kitchen gadget at the moment is my Tupperware 'Chop n Prep Chef' which makes it super easy to crush the walnuts. Takes only a few moments.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

We are having a new undercover outdoor area built on the back of our house at the moment, so the back yard is in a bit of a mess. At Christmas time our pergola was dismantled to get ready for the new structure.


 After the pergola was taken down and the bullnose along the back removed, the poor back of the house looked a bit sad! However things started happening, the structure was delivered and the tradies got to work.

Our little grandson Owen had a good vantage point from our window to watch all the action!

And I just took a photo of where things are at, at this moment in time.

In the coming weeks a few walls will be built at the far end and around the corner, along with an outdoor kitchen, some outdoor blinds will be installed and a new stacker door will go in to replace one of our window bays. Very exciting!

And Daniel and Telesha get married in October, so we are enjoying helping them plan for their special day!

Nice to have finally done a post after quite some time!


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