Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grandma's Best Recipes

I am currently developing a website for one of our town's beautiful homeware and gift shops. While I was taking photos for it last week, I came across the Grandma's Best Recipes book and it just had to come home with me!!

The cover alone would have made me buy it, as it's a book that would look nice on any coffee table or standing in a book holder. The inside pages are nicely designed and of course the recipes will be useful too!

Here are a couple of shots of some other things that took my fancy!

A new range of children's party packs had just arrived. The set is made in Australia and is called 'Circus Party'. The range has a lovely vintage feel and includes invitations, cupcake holders, cups, serviettes,  plates and a cake wrapper. Pity I haven't got any littlies to host a party for!

 Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some unexpected surprises!

I own up, I have never owned a 'proper' pin cushion! My pins have always lived in the box from which I purchased them from. A couple of my friends who are much more experienced sewers than I, have often laughed (been disgusted, paid me out!!) about that fact!! (all in fun of course).

One of those friends came around for coffee last week and guess what she had made me? Yes, a pin cushion which sits in a delightful tea cup!! It's beautiful....thanks Janette!

Her daughters also made a few pin heads out of shrink wrap. Aren't they just the sweetest?

 My pins will now live in the lap of pink luxury!!

Another little surprise I recieved was this lovely neclace...I love the colours as it goes with so many things.

I hope you are enjoying your week.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A few ruffles and easy bread recipe

A couple of months ago I made a chocolate brown ruffled cushion cover for our bed (my post about it and tutorial are herel)

and last weekend decided to make one for a gift, this time in cream colour.

Would be very tempting to keep it for myself!!

I enjoy cooking and baking, but one thing that I've never had nuch experience with, or success with when tried, is baking with yeast. I came across a post the other week that had an easy recipe for bread, so decided to try it.

My first attempt, true to form with yeast, didn't work!! The yeast when added to the warm water didn't expand as supposed to and when I let it rest in the mixture for 30mins it still didn't rise. However, I baked it and was heavy but the family still really liked it.
After getting a bit frustrated by it as it was such an easy recipe I searched a bit on the net about yeast and discovered that you can kill the yeast by having the water too hot.....'AHA' that was a 'light bulb moment, could that have been where I was going wrong?

Not to be beaten by this so called 'simple recipe', I tried it again the next night and just had the water lukey warm. Things started happening how they were meant to...YAY, I'd discovered where I had been going wrong with yeast.  Like magic when I peeked under the cloth that covered it for 30 mins it had puffed up like it had life!!

It tasted really good with a nice crunchy crust. Maybe next time when I see a recipe with yeast I won't turn the page!!
You can visit the post with the recipe here. I just used self raising flour for my recipe.
I hope you have success the first time!!

 Annette....The last couple of posts I've had trouble with uploading my images, hence I just couldn't insert my signature image!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My fabric birds and their adventures!

My creative urge on the weekend led me to making some fabric birds. I made a pair, blue and pink.

The pattern I used for the birds was from Spool, you can download it here. After making one the other week, I tweaked the pattern to have a more rounded head and put in a felt beak.

After I made them I let them fly around to explore their surroundings. Here is where they flitted.

After receiving some lovely rain yesterday, I let them out in the back garden to take a drink from our bird bath.
 After their adventures it was time to put them in their resting place.
This morning I let them inside again, and as I type this post, I have two little birdies watching me!
I hope you enjoyed following my birds adventures. I did make something else on the weekend too that included ruffles, but I'll keep that for my next post.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My purchases this what to make with them!!

I woke up this morning with the urge to do some sort of sewing this weekend.
I wandered up the street and purchased a few pieces of fabric. I do have some projects in mind but as to how much I'll get done, you will have to stay tuned!!

Here is what I bought.
The piece below is a heavy backed curtain fabric which I thought might be just right to re-cover a little footstool I purchased at a garage sale some months back.

Time will tell as to whether my sewing urge got me anywhere!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A giveaway and a few other things!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce back to blogland, one of my best friends Jo, from Vintage Lane Stitches. She has had a few months break from blogging, but has returned and is celebrating her 100th post with a beautiful giveaway. The picture below is the giveaway. As you can see there are lots of pretty feminine things, so head on over and say hi, I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know Jo and reading her posts.
Living in the Riverland region we are fortunate to be able to buy locally grown oranges. They are just superb at the moment, so sweet and juicy. I love living in the country where you can buy produce straight from the growers. I purchased a bag at a roadside stall last week. You just pull up, choose the produce you want to purchase and put the money in the tin. It's an honesty system which is still nice to have around in this day and age.

Last Saturday I decided to make a big batch of soup which I quite often do in the winter. So I got my stockpot out and loaded it with all the veggies, chicken and water and placed it on the hotplate to simmer away. However I started hearing sizzling so presumed I had spilt some water on the element, so wiped it up and put the stockpot back only to discover it started sizzling again. After taking the stockpot off and placing it on a tea towel I discovered my trusty stockpot which would be over 20 years old, had a small hole in it!!  As I didn't have anything as big to put the contents into, I quickly raced off to the shop and purchased a nice new shiny one. Hopefully this one will last me as long!!!
On the craft front, I've bought a cute cream birdcage and want to make a couple of fabric birds to go in it to sit on the perch. I found a pattern and picked some fabric for one of the birds, so maybe today I might get around to making them. Stay tuned!!

I don't have too much flowering in the garden at the moment, but this pretty cyclamen brightens up the back door area.
 Until next time...

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