Saturday, July 23, 2016

Makeover of Family Room

Our family room makeover has been about 6 months in the making, but I'm fairly happy with where it's at now.

My aim was to re-paint both our country blue suede look feature walls that are at each end of the family room with a paler blue/green colour to lighten things up.

Also our 2 brown recliners and 3 seater lounge had served us well for over 10 years, so it was also time to upgrade. This time to a lighter colour modular.

Here are a few shots.

Above: Before
Above: After

And at the other end of the room, I had our baltic pine bookshelf painted white so that it matched with the other white shelving.
Above: Before
Above: After
I'm fairly happy with how it has brightened and updated the room, even though we still have a 70's straw ceiling and combustion heater!!

We weren't sure how we would make the change from recliners to a modular but we have adjusted well....and can still doze off easily in it after tea! I use a wooden tray to put my coffee or plates on, Paul has a little table next to his end. 

We are off on a 'mini getaway' to the Adelaide Hills. 

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

This one is for Lyn!

Yesterday we attended one of my nephews wedding and caught up with one of my sisters friend Lyn who I hadn't seen in years. As we started chatting Lyn advised me that I hadn't done a post in quite a while! It was really funny, Lyn isn't a blogger but follows my blog and many of my fellow bloggers and I had no idea! So you prompted me Lyn to get my act together and do a post!!
Here is Lyn (on the right) with one of my sisters Joy.

It was one of Joy's sons that got was a lovely day.
A few weeks back we had friends over for dinner so I decided to make a dessert that I had seen on Pinterest. It was super easy to make but looks quite fancy! Here is the finished product (not real good photo!) See the diagonal jelly.
I made raspberry jelly and poured it into the glasses over some cut up strawberries and blueberries. You then place the glasses at an angle into a muffin tin and wait til it sets. You can then top it with whatever you like. I made coffee mouse and topped that with sliced bananas and crushed almonds and whipped was very yummy.

I share my birthday with our 2nd grandchild, Luca, and we celebrated his first birthday a couple of weeks back with a family lunch at our local Club.
We have our third grandchild on the way very soon, so I have started a little something with these fabrics...will show you the finished piece once the baby has arrived.
Well Lyn I hope you enjoyed that, it was great to catch up after many years :)

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