Friday, December 9, 2011

Our changing front garden and house over the years

Since we purchased our house back in 1994, we have made many, many changes inside and out, with our latest project of renovating the bathroom. The bathroom is at a bit of a standstill while we wait for our new vanity and shelving to be built, but I will show lots of photos once it's all finished.

When we bought our house it had mission brown window frames and a huge palm tree. Here is a shot of back then.

After a few years we had the palm tree removed. It actually got transplanted into someone else's garden so it is still alive and well today, overlooking the River Murray. I will have to dig out the photos of the removal as it was a feat in itself with 2 cranes used to get it onto the back of a semi-trailer!

Around 7 years ago we had the outside of the house painted in creams with country blue window frames and last year we added a bullnose verandah which you will see in the below photos.
 About 4 years ago, due to the drought we had the front garden re-done and planted out with grasses and roses. Roses were proving to be very water wise and I liked colour so that's why we chose them. The grasses however, became a bit straggly and I didn't really like the look of them, so a few months ago we pulled them out and planted up some petunias in their place. The petunias still need to fill out but they are getting there! The water restrictions aren't in place, but we are still water conscious.

Here is another shot of how large the palm tree was.
I am really enjoying having the colour back in the garden again.Notice we have some twinking lights hanging on the verandah for the Christmas season.

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