Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things my mother taught me

A few years back I compiled a little booklet for a lady who had documented lots of memories of things her mother had taught her. She wanted it as a keepsake to hand down to her children and grandchildren.
I have extracted some of the sayings to share with you.
I'm sure some of them will bring a smile to your face.

There are definately some words of wisdom in those sayings aren't there?

On Thursday night we had some friends stay the night as they had something on in Loxton the following day. As they were only arriving after tea, I made a trifle to have with coffee on their arrival.

I thought the below shot was interesting. It shows the shapes of the jam scrolls soaked in jelly with the cream filling in the cracks.
Make up 1pkt of Jelly, any flavour you like.
Beat equal quantities of cream and custard until thick (depends on how big you want to make the trifle), mix in a tablespoon of icing sugar and splash of vanilla.
Line a bowl with sliced jam scrolls and then place in some sliced strawberries and bananas (or whatever fruit you want) and place on top. Pour all the jelly in and then pour some of the cream mixture on top. Repeat with layers of jam scroll, fruit and cream until full to the brim. Decorate with strawberries, flaked chocolate and almonds.
Takes a couple of hours for the jelly to set. Can be made a day before use.


Jo said... Reply to comment

Tims thinking about coming back to Loxton if you've got any trifle left!!!

Pip said... Reply to comment

I never thought about using jam scrolls, I usually put jam between the sponge and then cut into squares, great idea and as you say it looks interesting as well. said... Reply to comment

Love the one "say no with charm". I need to learn how to do this!

Unknown said... Reply to comment

The trifle looks delish!

John Paul said... Reply to comment

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Eric walker said... Reply to comment

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Anonymous said... Reply to comment

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