Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catching up and some renovations

Wow, what a last few weeks...We had a lovely couple of days hosting my family over Christmas (25 all up). As they all travelled a couple of hours they made a mini holiday of it and stayed a couple of nights. Some stayed with us, others at the caravan park (wretched mossies by the river!!). I didn't actually take many photos over that time.

Before Christmas I made these easy little treats. They are made with Marshmallow biscuits. Just drizzle over some white chocolate, place a Jaffa on top to represent the cherry and cut up some green lolly snakes for the holly. I got the idea from someone's blog but can't remember who..sorry!

On one of the days with my family we had a picnic by the river. Once we protected ourselves from the mozzies it was very pleasant! Here are 3 of my sisters with the swollen River Murray in the background.

We decided this year not to do the Christmas present thing between all the families, but one of my sisters (naughty Wendy!! on the left in the above photo), made an identical bracelet for each of us sisters. It was a lovely idea and they are beautiful. My new favourite piece of jewellery! 

One of my nephews was keen to make scones on one of the mornings. He did a great job...they didn't last long!!

A couple of days after everyone left, we received these lovely flowers as a 'thankyou' from the family. A very unexpected surprise.
On a different subject....our son's Music Shop which sells musical instruments and accessories has been in business in Loxton for 7 years and over that time has expanded a couple of times at the same premises to include extra shop space and music tuition rooms. However his original premises was overflowing so in early December we took over the lease of an old unused Petrol station and take away food complex which needed lots of cleaning, painting, renovating etc. BUT most of that is behind us now and Adrian opened at the new premises on Tuesday.

This is a before photo of the shop part. The tuition rooms will be located upstairs.
And how it looks now.

This is just part of the complex. His music and party hire equipment is setup to the left but we haven't started on renovations for that we still have more work to do. That has been part of the reason my blogs have also been a bit sparce over the past month!
A couple of inside shots.

And a photo of some petunias that have been putting on a lovely show by our front door. Pink of course!


Alison said... Reply to comment

Happy New Year Annette!!

Wow you've had a busy time.

The shop looks fantastic.

What a gorgeous boy to make scones, a budding chef perhaps?

I must say, there is no way I will be attempting to make those evil looking Christmas treats, as I know I will eat the whole lot. Ha..ha..ha

Debbie said... Reply to comment

Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas and it sure is nice to have the family around. You Sons business looks very nice and it is good he has room to expand.
Happy New Year

Julie said... Reply to comment

what a busy girl! i wish i had not seen those biscuits though, they are my favourite.
happy new year!

Naturally Carol said... Reply to comment

You have been busy and having a great time with your family and all the renovations for your son...looks so good!

Kathy said... Reply to comment

Hi great blog, full of all sorts of Dad just left today for Australia.....thanks for stopping by nice to meet you!

JO said... Reply to comment

Hi Netty,
Wow Adrians shop looks great Im glad you put some photos up will have to come up and have a good look.
Nice bracelets from wendy aww what a good sister she is.

GeorgyG design said... Reply to comment

Happy New Year, sounds like you had a busy and wonderful Christmas. Good to see the River Murray so full. The make over of the music shops looks great. G

Bev C said... Reply to comment

Hello Annette,

Wow there is talent everywhere I look,from jewellers cooks and musicians and those lovely pink petunias. A lovely heartwarming post.
happy days.

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