Saturday, March 19, 2016

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown, all of a sudden it's the weekend and enjoying pottering around, watering the plants, baking, washing, watching a show or two on Foxtel (Selling Houses Australia) etc.

One of my plants that is truly performing in our outdoor entertaining area is the Devil's Ivy. It's just in a standard hanging pot, so probably pot bound, but doesn't seem to mind. I am wondering how long I should let it crawl along the ground for before I give it a trim up. What do you think?

I've recently purchased a Microfibre Spray and Glide Mop. I'm so happy with it, it has a water container attached and you press the handle to release a fine jet of water onto the floor in front of the mop. So easy and effective. Much better than the normal microfibre one I had.

Every night when I go to bed, I read and it's a favourite past time when on holidays or on weekends. 
Some of my favourite authors are Monica McInerney, Nora Roberts, Katie Fforde and Di Morrisey to name a few. I love it when I discover an author that I like and recently picked up a random book at the Library by Anna Jacobs called Peppercorn Street. It was a very enjoyable read of friendships forming from people in a neighbourhood.  I have just finished another one of hers and about to start on another. There are many more of hers in the Library.

On Wednesday, we took our grandies to our local playground and had a morning tea picnic. Here's a selfie.....It took a few goes, to get us all in the pic and Luca's not looking too happy about it! I hadn't realised Owen had given the thumbs!

Must go....time to get the washing off the line!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A weekend away

Last weekend we went down to Adelaide. It was a great time for me catching up with family and friends while my hubby Paul, enjoyed watching the Clipsal V8 Motor Racing.  We headed down Thursday night, so I had 3 days of R&R.

Friday I met up with a couple of my sisters and we visited Mum who is in Resthaven. Poor Mum has dementia but is well looked after and cared for. We have gradually be loosing the Mum we used to know. Very sad, but thankful for the services she receives to make her life comfortable.

From Mums visit us girls went out to lunch at the Payneham Tavern where we met up with another sister and Mum's best friend and her family which we all grew up with. It was a great get together. 

After the 'long lunch' I went back with my sister 'Glenys' to her house and stayed there the night. We enjoyed some wind down drinks on their deck. Lovely!
The next morning one of my 'besties' picked me up and we went to Marion Shopping Centre where we had some lunch (delicious!), watched a movie (The Lady in the Van), did some shopping, had coffee and then went back to her place at McLaren Vale where I spent the night.
The Lady in the Van was quite good. Started off a bit slow but grew into an enjoyable movie. I can't think of anyone else who would be so suited to the 'Lady' as Maggie Smith. She was amazing.
On Sunday we enjoyed a lazy morning, wandered up the main street of McLaren Vale and then after lunch went to House and Garden on Unley Road and Burnside Village before meeting up again with Paul after the race. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend 'in the big smoke'!!

I bought this cushion from House and Garden. It is the start of purchasing a few things to go with a bit of a makeover I'm doing in the family room.

And these 2 cushions were to replace some old ones on the cane chairs I have in the office for clients. I got these from House at Marion.

Our youngest grandson Luca is 7½ months old and is on the move. From our kitchen into our family room we have 2 steps, which Luca managed to go up this week no problem! We need to teach him now how to turn around and go backwards to get down. We taught his brother Owen that and he caught on really well at an early age and whenever he needed to get off of anything he would always turnaround and go down backwards.  A good thing to learn.

 Nothing exciting on the baking front. Friday night I quite often make Pizza. This is one I made this week. A local greek lady makes the bases which are available at one of our supermarkets and they are good! Topped it with bacon, chicken, capsicum, spinach, mushrooms and mozzerella cheese. Yum!

It's a long weekend here in South Australia. One of my sisters and her husband are coming up today and staying the night.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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