Friday, April 26, 2013

All aboard the Dawn Princess

We are currently on board the impressive ship the Dawn Princess, enjoying a 5 day cruise. We flew out of Adelaide Tuesday morning to melbourne where we boarded. After boarding we reflected back on our morning where we had experienced many modes of transport eg. Car, shuttle bus, plane, sky bus, taxi and then ship. The transport was very efficient with no waiting at all.

From melbourne the ship travelled to Burnie where we could disembark for a few hours and have a look around the town. We enjoyed talking to the shop owners and wandering around. A very friendly and welcoming place with great shuttle buses running from the ship to town all the while the ship was docked.

We arrived in Hobart yesterday lunchtime and head off around 4pm today. We then spend the next 2 days at sea on our way to our final destination, Sydney.

On board the boat has been amazing, you can partake in planned activities, watch movies on the big outdoor cinema, or indoor theatre, there is different entertainment each night. We enjoyed a comedian the other night. All the passengers and service staff are so friendly and easy to talk to. We are also enjoying having plenty of time to just chill out in our lovely room which has a private balcony with table and chairs...a great place to read a book, get some fresh air and watch the passing scenery.

Here are some photos that I've taken over the past few days.







That's all for now...hope it all uploads ok....Annette



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nearly time!

All the planning has been done and we look forward to board the Dawn Princess cruise ship from Melbourne on Tuesday for 5 days. We then have a couple of days in sydney before flying back home.

I have installed the blogsy app for my ipad so I'm testing out this post with it.

We look forward to...

A balcony room...

Trying out the many eateries...
Maybe a spa or relaxing with a book on the day beds...
Maybe taking in a movie.
If this post uploads ok, I'll try and do a post or two while we are away.



Friday, April 5, 2013

Time for a laugh!

I came across this home made video of a farming family who have put together their story to the Gagnam Style's so well done I thought I'd share it. Sit back for a few minutes and enjoy!

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