Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Humble Omlette

There are times in life when you've either run out of inspiration for what to make for the evening meal or it's been a busy day and the event of cooking up a storm just isn't going to happen...that is when I find that the humble omlette makes it's way onto our dinner plates.

After one of those days recently, I made the omlettes and truly wondered why I don't make them more often. They are so quick, easy and delicious and you can us whatever you have on hand for the filling.

I'm glad I took the photos as I do think they warrant a blog post about them!

My method...I fried some bacon, mushrooms and tomato...whisked the eggs with parsley, s&p.
Cooked one side of the egg mixture in the frying pan, flipped it and then added the fried mix to one side of the omlette and flipped the other side over and slid it onto a plate.

The crotcheting bug has got me and as the cooler days are approaching I'm enjoying making a plain coloured scarfe. I haven't got too far to go, probably the next footy game I watch on tv will have it completed.

The latest addition to my Pinterest board is a lace patterend book cover.

You use the lace as the pattern and spray paint over it, to get the imprint onto the cover. It's a really nice effect. You can read the tutorial here.

PINTEREST...I have been on Pinterest for a couple of months now and have found it so useful. I have added so many ideas, recipes, decorating tips etc to my boards and I will always know where to find them. If you find a good idea while searching around the internet you simple just use the installed pin, to 'pin it' into one of your chosen board categories. You will then always have the photo in that board and the link to where you got the photo from. Great for tutorials and recipe ideas. If you would like to give Pinterest a try I am happy to send you an invite from my receive the invite instantly and can then start on your way. If you just go to Pinterest and request an invite it will take up to a week before you receive the response back from them.  

Here is a recipe I pinned onto my recipe board this week...Cinnamon glazed popcorn. I haven't made it yet, but plan to soon!  The recipe can be found here

 Hope you enjoy your weekend whatever it is that you are up to.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

This and that

We stayed home this Easter as we were looking after both our boys dogs as they and their partners were away. They are 2 labradors, Cooper is chocolate brown and Marshall is black.
Here they are with my hubby having a play and enjoying their outing at a local oval.

The weather over the Easter long weekend was beautiful. They days were sunny and clear skies with the evenings a bit chilly. Our town is located along the Murray River system. There has been lots of water coming down due to floods in the eastern states. I took a few shots of the swollen river.
Those trees are not usually in the water. There is usually quite an expanse of land in front where people park their cars and setup camp on the river, hence there was no camping by the river this Easter.

Our town puts on a free breakfast every Easter Saturday. It certainly attracts a crowd of visitors and locals who have the choice of hot cross buns, fruit, sausages, hamburgers, eggs, orange juice, tea, coffee and milo. Easter bunny makes an appearance with free chocolate eggs for the children. I help out every year and enjoy chatting to those who come out early to soak up the atmosphere. It's great for the traders as people usually stay around and visit the shops.

My favourite find on Pinterest this week was this quilt which I think I might give a try sometime soon!
You can find the pattern and instructions for the rag quilt here

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