Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lots of pinkness!

Today is Bev's 3rd anniversary of hosting 'Pink Saturday' so I've gone through my photos and chosen some of my favourite pink related images from our our home that best describes what my blog is about.
If you want to see some more pink, head over to 'How Sweet the Sound'.

Congratulations Bev and thanks for hosing the Pink Saturdays!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bedroom - Before and After

Well here are the photos of the makeover I did of our bedroom over Easter. I'm still waiting on wall mounted coat hangers to go either side of the walls, but not sure when they will be ready.

The paint colour I used was Wattly's Pascol 'Smoke Pearl'. 

I enjoyed getting out in the garden yesterday, pruning the roses, and replacing the petunias, with pansy's. Hope you're weekend has been fun!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The colours of autumn

We had a lovely extra long weekend, taking Friday off and catching up with our parents, friends and family. One of my sisters and her husband have taken up the position of Assistant Managers at the Rawnsley Park Caravan Park in the Flinders Rangers, so on Saturday we spent the day helping them pack up and clean their house ready for their move.

The hint of winter is in the air with much cooler nights and chilly mornings. Our large Claret Ash tree is working it's magic at the moment, with a beautiful show of coloured leaves. 

I've been enjoying reading Monica McInerney's books. She is an Australian writer, originating from the Clare Valley. I'm currently reading her latest one 'At Home with the Templetons'.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New canvas for bedroom

I've been in the process of making over our bedroom (photos coming soon!), but with any new colour change it requires a few new decorating pieces. The cushions are done as in a previous post, one of our sons is making 2 wall mounted coat hook racks and I've finished painting a canvas for above our bed.

I started off with a white canvas and mixed some dark brown Jo Sonya's paint into the paint I used for the wall to ensure that the tonings were the same. I took a sponge and cut pieces out of it and started dabbing.

Once on the wall I wasn't sure if it was too bland or whether less is more. So I lived with it for a week and then decided that it needed some more guts to it, so got out the paints again and created a band of reversed colours and dabs  I'm happy with it now.

You will see how the colours tie in when I show the finished room at a later date.

On Sunday for Mother's Day we had a lovely lunch down the local hotel with the boys and their partners. We're catching up with our parents this weekend as they live a distance away. I was spoilt and received these candle holders that match in so well with my other decor.
We live in a regional area and mice are quite a problem at the moment. The supermarkets keep running out of traps and bait as everyone tries to keep on top of the little nuisances.
We've had our share inside and out. While watering my plants last week, something caught my eye and there was a mouse eating away at a large candle that I had sitting on the BBQ bench. He and probably others had eaten their way through this large candle!!!
Hope you are enjoying your week.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Delicate tea cup and saucer

While staying at one of my sisters a couple of months back, we were intrigued by a tea cup and saucer that had been given to her by her Mother-in-law. We had never seen a piece like it before, it is very light, like a shell type texture, almost translucent with a pearl sheen.

It is a Belleek Mark (Second Mark - Second Black 1891-1926).

I couldn't help but take a few photos to share with you!

I will be joining Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday , Marty at Table Top Tuesday, and Lady Katherina at Tea Time Tuesday.

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