Saturday, August 20, 2011

A few ruffles and easy bread recipe

A couple of months ago I made a chocolate brown ruffled cushion cover for our bed (my post about it and tutorial are herel)

and last weekend decided to make one for a gift, this time in cream colour.

Would be very tempting to keep it for myself!!

I enjoy cooking and baking, but one thing that I've never had nuch experience with, or success with when tried, is baking with yeast. I came across a post the other week that had an easy recipe for bread, so decided to try it.

My first attempt, true to form with yeast, didn't work!! The yeast when added to the warm water didn't expand as supposed to and when I let it rest in the mixture for 30mins it still didn't rise. However, I baked it and was heavy but the family still really liked it.
After getting a bit frustrated by it as it was such an easy recipe I searched a bit on the net about yeast and discovered that you can kill the yeast by having the water too hot.....'AHA' that was a 'light bulb moment, could that have been where I was going wrong?

Not to be beaten by this so called 'simple recipe', I tried it again the next night and just had the water lukey warm. Things started happening how they were meant to...YAY, I'd discovered where I had been going wrong with yeast.  Like magic when I peeked under the cloth that covered it for 30 mins it had puffed up like it had life!!

It tasted really good with a nice crunchy crust. Maybe next time when I see a recipe with yeast I won't turn the page!!
You can visit the post with the recipe here. I just used self raising flour for my recipe.
I hope you have success the first time!!

 Annette....The last couple of posts I've had trouble with uploading my images, hence I just couldn't insert my signature image!!!!


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

looks great Annette,well done,i made wholemeal bread yesterday,the 1st time in years but i cheated and used a bread maker,you cant beat fresh bread just cooked

Jo said... Reply to comment

Yum your bread looks really good.Nice cushions too.

Mariette's Back to Basics said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

Your pillow covers are perfect; so is it still going to be a gift?...
Your bread did turn out perfect. I've learned a lot too about baking. Things are supposed to be ALL at room temperature and all the same temperature. We all learn. And if we only would do it on a daily base, that would teach us all the nitty-gritty of it.

Love to you and enjoy your weekend!


Terri Morse said... Reply to comment

I love the way the creme colored pillow turned out. I don't think I'd want to give it away either! Your bread looks delicious...and I was trying not to snack any more tonight! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Terri

Lynn said... Reply to comment

Hello there,
I so love the cream colored ruffled pillow! To this day, I have not been able to make yeast bread. Seriously. To be honest, I tried year and years ago....was frustrated, wasted money on ingredients and then found a delightful bakery near our home that had "to die for just baked breads", what would be called "artisan breads" in today's world. Now, reading your post, am wondering if the water was always too hot. Could it have been so simple a mistake? I am so tempted to try a recipe again this week, but alas CARBS are my downfall and if my recipe did work out, I know I could sit and enjoy the bread way too much. Actually, this is way too much info you don't need, lol. Sorry, let's start again...I so love the cream colored pillow. Thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving a nice comment. Blessings on your week.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said... Reply to comment

Your pillows are very sweet; especially like the cream coloured one. Wish I could sew! Your bread looks yummy too. I'm glad you enjoyed my Green Gables post. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


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