Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A new blog on the horizon!

Yes, it's been over a year and my poor blog has been sitting idle.

There is a reason....I've been putting all my spare time into developing another arm of my business which hopefully will take me into semi-retirement...that's my plan anyway for the coming years.

I started 'surface pattern designing' in January last year. Which is designing patterns (digitally) and loading them onto all sorts of products such as homewares, apparel, stationery, etc and selling them in a few Print on Demand marketplaces. I'm loving this process, but it's a lot of work and takes a bit of strategy and social media to then promote the products I have available.

Anyway, I have been working away at a new blog which is nearly ready. It will be a blog to showcase my designs and give sneak peaks into new designs, but I will mix it up with the other things in life that I enjoy as I had done through this blog.

So, stay tuned, I'll come back and let you know when it's live!

When I started on the Surface Pattern Design journey, I created an Instagram account, so you can find me there and see what I've been up to

In the meantime on the grandies front, we now have 4 with another on the way in, where does that time go.

Here they are..

Bye for now

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