Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few pics and a recipe!

No we didn't get lost at sea!!  Had a great 8 days away with 5 of those being on the cruise. We loved it and would certainly do another one. It was so relaxing and free to do as much or as little as you wanted onboard.
The below photo gives a bit of an idea of how huge the ship is!

The food was great with lots of variety. This Tiramsu was delicious!
Last year our youngest son Dan and his fiance Telesha built their house and now our eldest son Adrian and his partner Chelsea are in the process building theirs.  Exciting times!

Mothers Day this year was spent at a Nephew's wedding. So it was lovely for Mum to have all her family together for it. The wedding was a lovely occasion, very casual and fun.
This photo is of my Mum with her first very first grandson Darren and his wife Amy.

As we are going to be grandparents for the first time in September, I received a 'Nan' mug for Mother's Day from Dan & Telesha!
A couple of weeks back I boiled and mashed some pumpkin as I was going to use it on some pizzas, however while I was putting the pizza toppings on I had forgotten to add the pumpkin so I was left with this delicious orange mash. What could I do with it? A quick google search for 'pumpkin scones' provided me with a recipe to utilise the mash.
They turned out really nice....never made them before.
Here is the recipe I used ....click here  

I purchased a lovely coffee table book that had been published by one of my favourite bloggers....I'll tell you about it in a different post soon!

Thoughts are with all those in the US that are experiencing devastating tornados. 

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