Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easy necklace / scarfe to make

A couple of months back a friend made a beautiful smocked cushion for her niece and I loved it so much she came over last night to teach me how to make one. While crafting and chatting away, she said "have you got an old t-shirt?" I went and got one and she started making this scarfe come necklace!! It was so easy. I took pictures as she went along!

 Lay the t-shirt flat and cut 2cm strips. It's important that the t-shirt has
some elastine in it so the fabric curls up
Once you have as many as you want, double the above pieces over
so it looks like below. Then cut a rectangle piece out of the t-shirt
and wrap it tightly over and over the end that has all the joins of the t-shirt
and stitch in place.
This is how it ends up! She has 2 on in the below picture.
I wore one of them today

As you can see it's amazingly simple. I know now that I'll be keeping an eye out at the Opp shops for nice coloured t-shirts!!

I made good headway with the smocked cushion, but it's a work in progress so I will show you when it's all finished!


June said... Reply to comment

Annette this is so awesome! I want to try this today!!! I hope we also get to see your lovely smocked cushion when you're done with it too.
I also wanted to tell you that I love the veranda you have added to your home. We only have a pergola, but I love having a place to sit and watch the world go by. I know you will get so much enjoyment from this addition.
sending hugs

Mariette said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

That is oh so cleverly done and it looks very neat. Will be pleasant to wear too as it is cotton!
Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

what a fantastic idea Annette

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