Saturday, September 6, 2014

I love being in my kitchen

One of my enjoyable pastimes, especially on the weekends is to spend time in my kitchen. Whether it's preparing meals for family or entertaining, baking up a storm to stock the freezer, baking goodies to take down to our parents in Adelaide or whipping up some scones or something sweet for an impromptu coffee with friends, I find it relaxing and enjoy having home baked goods to share.

Here are a few shots of what has been produced over the past couple of weeks (when I remembered to take a photo!).

Cake and slices to fill the freezer
A few of the tradies working on our back entertaining area, got lucky with some scones for morning tea one Saturday morning!
Coffee Mousse for a dinner with friends
Always a favourite...sausage rolls.

Even though I have many cookbooks, I tend to just google for recipes now and have my ipad sitting on the kitchen bench. While perusing Pintrest I came across this fabulous idea for an ipad holder...I might make it one day. The instructions are here.

We are doing a day trip to Adelaide today to catch up with family, so here is what will be going with us....some Apricot Slice for an afternoon tea and in the blue lidded container is Chocolate Crackles with marshmallows, my Father-in-law's favourite!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

In the kitchen

Would you believe I started this post back in May and got distracted so 'saved a draft' and now here I am some 3 months later, picking up where I left off!!!


After having a high cholesterol reading quite a few months back and elevated blood sugar, I decided to take stock of what I was putting in my mouth and research some things on food. One of the additions I've added to my diet is blueberries. For breakfast now I make a juice which contains our local orange juice (no preservatives etc), blueberries, strawberries, banana and spinich. I love it.

I've amended a few other things as well, and when I went back a few weeks back for another cholesterol test it was all good and had dropped quite a bit. Yay!

For Mother's Day Paul and I did a day trip down to Adelaide to see our Mums
Here is Mum and me out in the garden where she lives at Resthaven.

I baked some Raspberry Struesal Muffins to take down to Adelaide. Here was the recipe I used for the Muffins but I added a dollop of custard in the middle for a little surprise. I also bought some lace cup cake wrappers to make them a little bit fancy!

Fast forward to August!!

I feel like I've been in a bit of a 'work bubble' over the past few months with lots of projects on the go and one taking quite of lot more time than expected, but think things are getting a bit more manageable again now.

In my quest to watch what I put in my mouth, I have been eating more nuts, especially walnuts. I tend to always put crushed walnuts into my cake mixes now too, along with replacing one cup of flour for almond meal. My most favourite kitchen gadget at the moment is my Tupperware 'Chop n Prep Chef' which makes it super easy to crush the walnuts. Takes only a few moments.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

We are having a new undercover outdoor area built on the back of our house at the moment, so the back yard is in a bit of a mess. At Christmas time our pergola was dismantled to get ready for the new structure.


 After the pergola was taken down and the bullnose along the back removed, the poor back of the house looked a bit sad! However things started happening, the structure was delivered and the tradies got to work.

Our little grandson Owen had a good vantage point from our window to watch all the action!

And I just took a photo of where things are at, at this moment in time.

In the coming weeks a few walls will be built at the far end and around the corner, along with an outdoor kitchen, some outdoor blinds will be installed and a new stacker door will go in to replace one of our window bays. Very exciting!

And Daniel and Telesha get married in October, so we are enjoying helping them plan for their special day!

Nice to have finally done a post after quite some time!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

ahum....Happy New Year!

Gosh, how time has flown since my last post. Life has been good and having a grandchild around is just the best!

What was that? You would like to see a photo of Owen? Well, ok let's just see if I can find one!! 
Maybe another? He has started crawling in the past few weeks. He is such a contented and happy boy. I am looking after him one day a week now as Telesha has gone back teaching a few days a week.
Back in March we had our annual 'Sister's Weekend'. We went to Hahndorf this year and as always had a great time. On the Friday we explored Stirling and Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills before going to our Accommodation in Hahndorf. Such lovely little townships.

We discovered a secondhand book shop called 'The Book Shed' in Stirling.It was so organised and a real treat to meander through the racks of books and magazines. We all picked up some treasures.
On the Satruday we wandered up the main street of Hahndorf for breakfast and then cruised through the many shops along the way. We stopped in at a boutique winery for some tastings.
And then it was a walk across the road to the Cheese Shop for more tastings.

In Loxton a few weeks back a couple of local girls organised a vintage market in our Community Theatre called 'The Revolving Wardrobe'. It was absolutely fantastic, so much so that they have planned another one for October. There were so many stall holders and it was very well supported by the Riverland community that it was a huge success all round.
And to finish on for now, here is a picture of Owen with his Mum and Dad at Easter time. He had his first taste of the beach at Port Vincent.
I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead. We have a Pedal Prix Street Circuit event here in Loxton this weekend, so will be going down and catching some action!.



Saturday, December 14, 2013

A mixed bag

Nothing quite evokes the feeling of summer for me, than the Channel 9 cricket theme song! It's been a bit of an icon for Australian cricket since the late 70's and brings back quite a lot of different memories of summertime fun.

Of course with summer, comes the buzz of Christmas in the air. I'm just starting to get my head around Christmas which is creeping up rapidly. We have some of my husbands family coming up for Boxing day, so I'm working out a colour scheme for the day.

I'm not normally a 'red' person, but it has grown on me this year. So red, gold, silver and white seems the go for me. I bundled a few things together to see how it looks.

I haven't made honey biscuits in years, so gave them a whirl during the week. They taste delicious but they didn't look the best! After leaving the mixture for 6 hours in the fridge, the dough seemed a perfect consistency, so I rolled and cut out many, many shapes, but upon baking they spread and you had to use your imagination to work out what shapes they were to start with!!  My decorating skills weren't the best, but here is a look at some of them....very rustic!!  BUT as I said they taste great...yum!
We cleared some of the furniture out of our family room during the week as we had the carpet cleaned. There were quite a few stains around where the dining room table was and it's come up a treat.
The impatiens and lobellia in my wheelbarrow are growing really quickly and will hopefully fill the whole area.
My roses out the front and blooming really well. Nearly time to dead head some of them.
And of course our gorgeous little grandson is growing fast as well. He's 11 weeks old now and is freely giving smiles and has just started giggling.
Had some family up the other weekend, so we spent some time again at LaVilla for a yummy afternoon tea!
Have got a few Christmas break-ups over the next week, so if I don't make it back to do a blog before then, I hope your Christmas is an enjoyable one.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas ideas

I was trauling Pinterest on the weekend for some inspiration for Christmas decorating and saved quite a few things to my 'Christmas' board.

Here are a few pics of things that I really liked and would be simple to do.

 Looks like stawberries, marshallows and maybe a chocolate or cake?

Cute Christmas cards made with buttons.
Decorate Pringle containers with Christmas paper and braid and fill with biscuits
or yummy Christmas treats as a gift.
Nice rustic tree with a message.
Lovely table decorations

Are you getting into Christmas mode?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Fun!

We had 2 of our friends daughters come up and stay for the weekend to catch up wtih their sister who also lives in Loxton.

They are lovely girls who we have known all their lives and have been like the 'daughters' we didn't have as we had 2 boys!

It's always fun catching up and talking and doing 'girlie' things together.

They were excited to meet Owen our little grandy and the fight was on for cuddles!!

Us girls went out for lunch yesterday at Lavilla. As always, it was delicious!

A giveaway that we had girls staying in the house was the amount of 'product' that appeared in our shower shelf!!  I had a little chuckle this morning when I reached for the shampoo!
This was the lineup.
This is what it's usually like!

We had a lovely lazy Sunday morning. Hubby had gone off on a day trip to Adelaide early, so I whipped up some egg and bacon muffins and I brought out all my 'Bella' boxes (about 12) with excess beauty products that I didn't require and they had fun going through them and choosing goodies to take home. Yay, it cleared up a shelf in my bedroom! I thought about taking a photo but respected their privacy as they were in their pjs and straight out of bed!
Yesterday morning when I was making a jug of fruit smoothie, I took off the lid to pour it into glasses and accidently pressed the 'pulse' button and I had smoothie go everywhere and had a mess to clean up!  Oops....quite funny though!!

The girls headed off around lunchtime today and I potted around in the garden and planted out my wheelbarrow by the backdoor with impatiens and lobellia.
 My impatiens either side of the back door are just coming into flower, they are a double impatiens flower in a pretty light pink colour. They actually look like rose heads.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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