Sunday, October 28, 2012

Want to come to our garage sale?

Next Saturday morning we will be holding our own garage sale, so this weekend we needed to start getting things together and sorting out what we no longer require.

I have 'many, many' piles of magazines, maily home living type ones. I don't like parting with them but there comes a time when I need to cull to make room for new ones!
Just the start of me sorting through my piles of magazines...more will be done today.
 A few drawers were cluttered with things I used to have displayed around the house. My more minimilistic style these days and move away from the 'country' look will see these things up for sale.
 This box is full of clothes and shoes from my wardrobe cleanout the other week. There will be more clothes coming too from Telesha who also had a wardrobe cleanout before they moved into their new home.
Hubby started going through things down our back room yesterday. These are his magazines up for grabs...PC and car related ones. I'm sure we'll find lots of other things in that room to add to the sale.
Over the past few weeks the boys have been putting stuff in our shed for the sale. This will be added too today as well. 

Let's hope for a nice sunny morning. What we don't sell will go to our local Opp shops.

I work from our home office, and during the week I could hear noises coming from the bathroom. I wandered in looked up at our heat lights and could see through the gap around the globe a bird was fluttering around. I closed the door as I couldn't see how I could do anything to help it out. I texted hubby and he rang me. As I was talking to him on the phone I opened the bathroom door to to find the bird had found it's way out and was flying around!! After about 5 minutes I finally got him captured in an ice cream container and let him free outside!!
Did you notice we haven't painted our bathroom walls yet? That's the last job we have to do to finish the makeover. Once we get that done, I'll load up all the before and after pics.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

good luck with the garage sale hope everything goes,and what a funny little bird.xx

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

Great idea to hold a garage sale. It's quite common in the USA, either garage or yard (garden) sale.
We never held one because we moved several times across the ocean so that makes you sort through things and we gave away to charity or the Church etc. But I certainly like the idea of recycling as much as we can. Trash is the last option.
Hugs to you,

PS our next project is our shower... changing the tub into a shower as we always use it as shower anyway.

Alison said... Reply to comment

Hope all goes well for you with the garage sale.

I've had quiet a few and they are always good fun, chatting with neighbours, getting rid of stuff and of coarse making a little pocket money.

What a sweet little bird.

Ayu Maselli said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette,

Wishing you the best for your garage sale.

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