Wednesday, October 24, 2012 inheritance!

With Mum and Dad moving into Resthaven, it has meant that their unit in the Retirement Village needed to be cleaned out. Not an easy task when we are all scattered around SA!
However,the task is nearly done and precious items have been distributed to family or kept in storage to deal with later.

One item that I've always loved was 'Lucy'. A lovely statue of a young girl reading a book.

I'm not sure how old 'Lucy' is but she used to sit in my Nana's passage and in her hey day was a glossy, browny/grey colour. When Nana died, about 42 years ago, my Mum took her. In previous years she has lived outside in my Mum's garden, so has wethered. As you can see she is a bit worse for ware, but I quite like the distressed, shabby look! She now sits on one of my bookshelves in our family room and is a lovely keepsake of times past.

I love this time of the year when my garden comes alive with lush green growth on our trees and the roses start to flower.

As you can see above my Pierre de Ronsard is making it's way up the lattice. I have 3 planted side by side. To my surprise though this morning, I noticed that one of them has produced a 'red' flower....quite odd....I'll be interested to see the colours of the buds on that same plant.
When visiting Mum and Dad the other week, one of my sisters snapped a shot of me with Dad.

Above: Dad and me sitting in their communal lounge at Resthaven

Well it's time for my breakfast...This is what I have every morning....delicious Vanilla Bean yoghurt, with strawberries and raw nuts....yum!

 Hope you enjoy your day.


Naturally Carol said... Reply to comment

What a lovely picture of you and your Dad! Lucy has been reading a long time hasn't she? I love the way she has weathered and now looks amazing against your blue wall.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

love the pic of you and your dad,looks like a lovely place.What a gorgeous garden you have Annette,have a good day.xx

c. Joy said... Reply to comment

Your roses are wonderful. Breakfast looks pretty good, too.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

You got a nice and emotional piece from your parents' home... dating back to your Grandmother's day. Sentimental value is special.
Hugs to you,

Alison said... Reply to comment

I just love her, what a delightful piece to have. Very special.

Seeing the photo of you with your dad, has made me realise I don't have many of me with mine, just of him on his own. Sad really as he's no longer here.

Ayu Maselli said... Reply to comment

very vintage look the statue and nice pictures.

mariondee-designs said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette, what a pretty statue and to have her handed down from your grandma is so sentimental. I think you found a good spot amongst the books.. very appropriate! Be careful about your red rose.. I'm not sure what the technical term for it is, but sometimes rose bushes have a leader come out of the ground area beneath the 'notch' which is not your proper rose. It's sort of wild and can over take if you're not careful. This happens to me all the time and I chop that part off so the bush doesn't waste it's energy producing more 'red' roses.
bye for now, Maryann

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