Saturday, February 25, 2012

Necklace out of Scrapbook paper

You have probably all seen the lovely coloured necklaces around that have been made with various assortments of paper rolled up and sprayed with clear varnish.

On Pinterest last week I came across a tutorial with the template cutouts to make these necklaces so thought I'd give it a go. You can follow the tutorial from here.

Here are my photos of making them.

Above: These are the papers I chose
Oops forgot a photo of the actual pattern and rolling!
Above and below: The rolled beads on skewers.

 Above: I placed them into a florists oasis to spray with the clear varnish
Above: All finished
Above: The necklace is now at home amongst my other necklaces and scarves
I quite enjoyed making them. I made mine with the first pattern of the templates but made them a bit longer than what appears  here. 

Perhaps you could give it a try for a weekend project.



Anonymous said... Reply to comment

wow Annette pretty impressive,well done.xx

Pip said... Reply to comment

Pretty beads, how long did it take you to make them Annette?

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