Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage Classics

One of my friends was given some old Women's Weekly's. It was really interesting looking through them and having a few laughs at the fashion. However the old saying 'everything old is new again' was evident in some cases, where decor from back then is re-appearing in homes of today.

Contained in one of the above magazines was this white croteched pant suit. Can you see yourself wearing that?

I have received a few emails over time with some humorous adverts from a time gone by. I can imagine there would be huge uproar if some of these adverts appeared today.

How times have changed!


Bella said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette, I used to have some old magazines, the ads are hilarious!! I wonder what of our present day lives willl be ridiculous in the future??

Naturally Carol said... Reply to comment

How politically incorrect can you get? They're amazing (and funny!), how soon is too soon to give your kid coke? I wonder! Thanks for joining my blog today, hope you enjoy browsing. I have joined yours too, as of now. See ya!

Tara said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette,thanks for dropping by my blog.Happy to be following along with you..xx

Kirsty said... Reply to comment

Hahaha! I love that last one! Yesterday I struggled opening a medicine bottle for ages, had to wait for men to come home. hahaha

Alison said... Reply to comment

Oh Annette, they are so funny. What were they thinking???

Debbie said... Reply to comment

Those ads now would not be appropriate would they :0)

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