Sunday, November 28, 2010

My favourite shabby quilts

As much as I love quiting and quilts it's never something that I really got into making myself besides a couple of real simple ones. I've tended to buy them along the way.
Here are a few of my favourites.

And my most favourite is about 6 years old and I use it most nights. It lives on my recliner and when I sit down and relax at the end of the day it just becomes automatic to put it over me...a bit like a security blanket. I always take it whenever we go away as well. It's so soft. I've always hand washed it in velvet soap whicih makes it smell nice too!
A few posts ago I featured my sister at her art class working on some tulips. Here is her finished piece. Not bad for something that was meant to be a test piece.  Excuse the photo as it was taken off my phone, so not very good quality.


Alison said... Reply to comment

The tulips are amazing.

I appreciate the work that goes into making a quilt, they are a work of art, I just don't have the patience to make them, so I would buy them as well.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said... Reply to comment

I started making quilts because I couldn't find one I liked and now I can't stop. I love that shaggy one you have, might have to put that on my list.

Bev C said... Reply to comment

Hello Annette,

Love your quilt collection. Isn't it great to snuggle under one. Your sister is a star,love those tulips.

Happy days.

tales from an oc cottage said... Reply to comment

What a gorgeous collection you have!!!

m ^..^

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