Monday, December 24, 2012

Fun in the kitchen!

We had some friends around for drinks yesterday arvo, so I enjoyed putting some nibbling platters together.

The fruit cheese going down the middle of the above photos is really simple to make and delicious. I find the supermarket fruit cheeses a bit plasticy. The one above is Apricot and Almond and all you do is buy a block of Phildelphia Cream Cheese, allow to soften and then mix in dried diced apricots (Australian ones!) and diced or flaked almonds. Roll into a log and wrap in alfoil, then place in fridge. When ready to use, just slice into discs. They last in the fridge for quite a while. I usually do 2 logs.

I also made some Spicy Meatballs and served with a toothpick and some sweet chilli sauce for dipping. They were baked not much easier and better for you.
The recipe was:
500g chicken mince
½ cup sweet chilli sauce
¼ cup coriander
½ cup coconut
1 cup breadcrumbs
Mix together, roll into balls and place on lined baking tray and bake in a moderate over for around 10-15 mins.

This is not my photo...I forgot to take one once I'd cooked them but they looked like this!

I hope you are enjoying getting into the spirit of Christmas too.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

yummy Annette thankyou for sharing these lovely recipes,merry xmas to you and your lovely family.xx

Pip said... Reply to comment

I love the apricot,almond and cream cheese combo, sometimes I roll my logs in toasted almonds, glad I ' m not the only one that finds the supermarket ones a bit odd

Joolz said... Reply to comment

Oh, that cheese log wouldn't last long with me! That sort of thing s my biggest downfall! Hope your Chrissy was nice, mine was a bit upside down, will blog about it later today. :)

Karen Mary Butterfly said... Reply to comment

Looks beautiful. I ave never heard of fruit cheese before! Interesting! I might try that!

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