Sunday, August 7, 2011

A giveaway and a few other things!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce back to blogland, one of my best friends Jo, from Vintage Lane Stitches. She has had a few months break from blogging, but has returned and is celebrating her 100th post with a beautiful giveaway. The picture below is the giveaway. As you can see there are lots of pretty feminine things, so head on over and say hi, I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know Jo and reading her posts.
Living in the Riverland region we are fortunate to be able to buy locally grown oranges. They are just superb at the moment, so sweet and juicy. I love living in the country where you can buy produce straight from the growers. I purchased a bag at a roadside stall last week. You just pull up, choose the produce you want to purchase and put the money in the tin. It's an honesty system which is still nice to have around in this day and age.

Last Saturday I decided to make a big batch of soup which I quite often do in the winter. So I got my stockpot out and loaded it with all the veggies, chicken and water and placed it on the hotplate to simmer away. However I started hearing sizzling so presumed I had spilt some water on the element, so wiped it up and put the stockpot back only to discover it started sizzling again. After taking the stockpot off and placing it on a tea towel I discovered my trusty stockpot which would be over 20 years old, had a small hole in it!!  As I didn't have anything as big to put the contents into, I quickly raced off to the shop and purchased a nice new shiny one. Hopefully this one will last me as long!!!
On the craft front, I've bought a cute cream birdcage and want to make a couple of fabric birds to go in it to sit on the perch. I found a pattern and picked some fabric for one of the birds, so maybe today I might get around to making them. Stay tuned!!

I don't have too much flowering in the garden at the moment, but this pretty cyclamen brightens up the back door area.
 Until next time...


Mariette's Back to Basics said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

That is indeed an honesty system and I doubt if that would work everywhere... Too bad!
Oh, we love fruits and we bought at Costco wholesale Clementines from Chile. They're also in the southern hemisphere so probably producing like your area. It is so good.
As for your 20+ year stock pot... lucky you did hear it! And also great that you could find another one in a hurry! This looks great and yes, we do need them at times. Yesterday I had mine full with tomatoes which I did cook, pureed them in the blender and into the freezer for lots of days with good soup. Easy for later and it is just a little bit of extra work now.
Have a great Sunday afternoon and sending you love,


Naturally Carol said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette..this is a pink and pretty post indeed..especially the cyclamons. That must have been a well used pot to have a hole in it..I haven't heard of anyone getting a pot-hole lately!

Jo said... Reply to comment

Hi Netty thanks for the mention.Yum! Riverland oranges sure do taste good and so will your soup by the sounds of it. Bad Luck about the pot,like the new one.
Pretty pink cyclamen too.

Bev C said... Reply to comment

Hello Annette,

I love buying fruit like this. Oh you are so lucky to have heard the leak. Nothing like some lovely soup. Your cyclamen looks lovely.
Happy days.

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