Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally...some more holiday pictures

We're back from a lovely 8 days away in Perth. While we had our laptop and phones with internet access it was taking ages to load photos into my blog, so thought I'd wait until we were settled back home. Well that's well and truly happened as it was back to work Monday with loads of follow ups and work to catch up on.

Anyway here are a few snapshots of our time away.

After a few days our apartment was strewn with these.

I love the fact that on holidays I get to read during the day instead of just before I go to bed at night. I also buy the 'goss' magazines instead of the home and lifestyle ones, so I find out about celebrities and what they are up to and get the chance to do the big crosswords. We nearly finished two of them!!

On the 'Getaway' TV program a few months back they had a special on half price car rentals, so we took the offer up and had this little Mini Cooper to zip around in.
The last 3 nights we spent staying in an apartment at Fremantle overlooking the Swan river. These were the views from our balcony.
When we got back to our apartment on Saturday afternoon after a day out, I sat out on the balcony with a coffee and people who were all dressed up started arriving in the gardens below. We realised there was a wedding going to take place. We had a good view of it all and could check out the fashions!!

One night we drove around taking night shots, but none of them really turned out!! But in one of the fancy homes there was this amazing chandelier twinkling away giving light to passers by. I got hubby to turn around so I could take a pic!!!

In our apartment's garden there was this very unusual palm.
Hadr to explain so here is a picture.
 I had fun roaming around the garden taking photos...this was one I particularly liked.
In Fremantle there is such a contrast of 'eyesore' sights and 'picturesque' sights.
On the cruise we saw the drastic contrast very clearly. 

On one side of the bridges you saw all these commercial shipping yards
and on the other side of the bridges was this!
 The best meal we had while away was at Outback Jacks Bar and Grill.
I had the Bushranger Salad Basket, which was full of fresh salad and grilled spicy chicken, all contained within an edible basket of very tasty crunchy tortilla. It was delicious!!

Anyway that's probably enough of our holidays!  Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies!

I plan to catch up on blog visiting today as it's been a while!!!



Niki said... Reply to comment

it all looks absolutely wonderful!

Debbie said... Reply to comment

What a great holiday and looks like you had a great time. I do love the chandelier but it wouldn't fit in my house and I wouldn't want to clean it:0)

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said... Reply to comment

These are beautiful pictures. You're a good at this! Lucky you to get to watch a wedding from your balcony.
Thanks for stopping by. I had to think for a minute when you said "cot kits". I love the different names people have for things, depending where they live.
Isn't blogland great!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said... Reply to comment

Looks as if you had a great time and the weather was kind to you. I'm drooling over your last picture, that looks yummy, must make a note of that place for when I visit Perth (one day)

Bev C said... Reply to comment

Hello Annette,

Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday, you weren't far from me when you visited York.
Happy days.

laura said... Reply to comment

Hi there annette, just found your blog; so glad you enjoyed perth - I have been living here nearly all my life and I love it... Also, we love outback jacks in freo too! The ribs are just the best!!!

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