Monday, January 10, 2011

A clever little 3 seater

We had a lovely day yesterday, travelling with friends to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills to have lunch with other friends for a birthday. We had a beautiful smorgasbord lunch at The Old Mill and then wandered along the very busy tourist town before heading back for coffee at our friends at Woodside.
We visited Handorf only a couple of months back and was amazed at how this quaint pretty town is so alive with loads of people enjoying the many eateries and shops.

Under our pergola area there has been a corner that I've never been happy with but didn't know how to change it. Before Christmas I had an idea of taking out what was there and replacing it with a bench seat. We went on the search for a 3 seater that would fit into that spot and found one that was just right!  Here are the pics.

Before...just had some plants in pots.

After...removed the pots, covered the dirt over with pebbles, placed a couple of my ficus plants behind the 3 seater.
The middle part of the 3 seater turns into a little table if just 2 people were sitting there. How clever!
A couple of shots of the other part of our outdoor area that gets well used during the warmer months.

And a few pictures of the swollen Murray River at Loxton that is nearly at road level.


Debbie said... Reply to comment

You have a lovely outdoor area and the three seater fits in just fine.

Naturally Carol said... Reply to comment

We've got floods up here too. Love your patio looks a lovely area to relax in. A couple of years ago..well about 8 now...I was in pretty...those beehive cakes are the best!! They don't make them the same anywhere around Australia!

Lorraine said... Reply to comment

I love that three seater with the option for two and a table.....could I ask where you got it would be perfect for my little house..!

Bayside Rose said... Reply to comment

Lovely outdoor area and hoping the Murray river does not rise anymore.
Pam x

Tara said... Reply to comment

Thanks for popping over.That bench seat is a great idea..xx

Deb said... Reply to comment

Love your bench...such a cool little table too! ~Deb~

Alison said... Reply to comment

That is the sweetest seat ever.

I can just imagine relaxing with a book and a cuppa.

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