Monday, September 13, 2010

A quick sewing project

Since I started my blog just over a week ago I have visited many blogs and it has fuelled my enthusiasm for crafting and decorating, something I've always loved but of late haven't done too much at all. I actually used to sell craft items in a shop when the kids were young!

I came across a little tutorial on a handkerchief tissue holder at Beach Vintage. It was so easy that it spurred me on to make one. I remembered I had a vintage handkerchief that I had bought at an antique shop in Mildura, so delved into my fabric box and discovered it would be just perfect for this project.

So here is what you do....Lay the hanky down with the wrong side facing you. Fold each end in towards the centre and iron. Sew a straight stitch along each side of the folded hanky. Insert hankys carefully inside. That's it!!!

However, the hanky I chose was screaming out for some embroidery, so I dusted off my needle and threads, made a coffee, sat in my recliner, switched the tv on and away I went.
I was on a roll....I thought a smaller one would also be nice, so I delved back into my fabric box and found some moda squares that had had the pinking shears treatment so that made it easy. I joined two together and stitched the sides.
These would make great gifts or to have in a guest room, or in your handbag, or to dress up your dressing table.
Another lovely find on a blog was the recipe for a super easy fruit cake. Amanda Brook drew attention to the recipe which can be found  here

I added a packet of glazed cherries to the mixed fruit and a packet of slivered almonds. It tasted really nice.

We have had a couple of 21sts of late and one of them had a 'hippy' theme. Everyone got into the spirit of it and there were some great outfits. Here is a pic of our eldest son (ssh don't tell him, he hates having his photo taken let alone being pictured on a blog!!!) and his girlfriend. They looked like they had stepped out of the 60's.


Beach Vintage said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette, I love your hanky holders. Well done! Glad to have inspired you. Thanks for popping by Beach Vintage.

Jo said... Reply to comment

Great tissue holders Netty good to see you doing a bit of sewing.That cake looks good will try that recipe too and very cute couple.

Natasha Burns said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette,
Thanks for visiting my blog!
I think your hanky holder is fabulous! What a great idea for those extra hankies floating around. Love the embroidery too!

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