Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look what I got in the post

Last week while browsing through some blogs I came across Our Shabby Cottage and discovered the lovely fabric handbag doorstops that Kathryn makes. I ordered one made out of the pretty 'Wildflower' Ashwell fabric. Here was how it came in the post.
and here it is all filled up and doing it's job in it's new home.
Thanks Kathryn, you do a great job and so quick!

I'm currently looking for a new spring/summer quilt cover. During autumn/winter we have a warm and practical flanellete cover on and it's usually in the cream/brown tones so for the warmer months I prefer something feminine and light. My last one I've had for a while and it's time to replace it. This process takes me ages sometimes to find just the right one.
Here are a few pics I found while having a search. Something similar to these I would be happy with.



Alison said... Reply to comment

That is sooo cute, what a clever idea.

Jo said... Reply to comment

Your doorstop is very cute Netty and I love the quilt covers

Beach Vintage said... Reply to comment

I am trying to find a quilt too, hard work because I am so fussy with the colours.

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