Thursday, November 27, 2014

This and that!

Monday nights is our family dinner night, when the kids come over, so there is the six of us and grandson Owen. Monday night I made a stir fry with loads of veggies, chicken strips which i marinated in a Mongolian sauce and fried rice. I fried the veggies in about six batches for a few minutes each and then did the chicken separately. It was delicious.
Adrian and Chelsea have chooks so I usually have a bag of scraps for them to take home!
Owen is a good little he is munching on a corn cob
I took a selfie the other week with Owen while we were both munching on an!
At foodland this week I noticed a special 2 Philadelphia products and receive a springform pan FREE!! Ok,don't mind if I do!! I like to keep Philly cream cheese in the fridge anyway, so I bought 2 packs and received the pan. Very cool.
Once a year we have a weekend away somewhere catching up with our friends from when we used to live in adelaide (which has been over 23 years since we lived there). There are 5 other couples and us, so it's great to get together. This year we chose the barossa and stayed at a motel in tanunda. We wandered around the region Saturday afternoon, visiting a few foodie places and ending up at Maggie Beers which was really nice. Lots of tastings and purchasing was done as well as enjoying a coffee. Here are some pics from there.
Out on the decking at Maggies there is a pond and there were heaps of turtles leisurely swimming around.
I must say thank you to Joolz from for giving me some tips regarding blogsy. I have been using it to type this post and it's working fine, so hopefully it publishes goes!
Annette (couldn't work out how to get my signature in there!)


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette what a lovely post,little Owen sure is getting big and your meal looks very yummy,hope you have a lovely day.xx

Lorraine said... Reply to comment

Cute pics! You should have dropped in last weekend!

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