Saturday, July 13, 2013

Good day for baking

Its a drizzly, cold Saturday, but nice to get some rain and be in the cosyness of our home with the wood fire going.

I decided to do some baking...zucchini slice and banana muffins.

I did a double batch of the slice as I'll freeze it and take some portions down to Adelaide next week for Pauls Mum and Dad. They might even get some muffins!

Now I have the dishes awaiting me!

My scarfe collection keeps growing...I never used to wear scarfes but the past 2 years I've come to really like them and there is such a variety in the shops now. Here's a peak at the main ones I wear...I have others that hide in my drawer!
On Pinterest I came across an interesting crotcheting stitch that looks like it has been knitted.
The tutorial for it is here. I might get out my crotchet hook one day and give it a go.

Time to go make a coffee and try one of the muffins!


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

yum Annette lovely baking there.xx

Bev C said... Reply to comment

Hello Annette,

I haven't made zucchini slice for a while, it always tastes wonderful doesn't it. It is certainly the weather for wrapping up in a scarf. I have a Tunisian hook somewhere, thanks for the link.
Enjoy the weekend.

Alison said... Reply to comment

Perfect weather for a bit of baking. I pulled out my faithful banana cake recipe today, quick & easy and it makes two cakes. One for afternoon tea and one for tomorrow. Love the zucchini slice also, great for a meal on the go.

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