Friday, February 22, 2013


Just a quick post...not much happening besides work and normal routines! Paul's Dad is improving daily and will hopefully be home in the coming weeks.

I have a bit of an 'oops' situation the other day. I opened one of my kitchen cupboards and out slid one of my glass casserole dishes from the top shelf. It smashed to smitherines and I was very fortunate not to have any shards land on my feet as I had thongs on.

How's this for a cute birthday cake?

I saw this on facebook the other day...very funny and maybe even a clever idea?!

Today is a new day...enjoy!


Joolz said... Reply to comment

I do love that pig cake, I saw it too! Nit sure how I would go making the little piggies... although I suppose you could use plastic farm animal ones.

And I love the cartoon - so true!

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said... Reply to comment

That cake is gorgeous,I always make the birthday cakes for everyone in my family and this one will be great. I presume they are kitkats around the outside.This will be great for my grandsons 18th birthday coming up. I think I'll leave off the pigs for him though.:) Sorry about your dish,I hate when that happens. Be careful, it usually comes in 3's (sorry) but that's what happens to me. :)

Alison said... Reply to comment

Blast! I hate breaking anything.

I love that cake, my girls have birthdays coming up soon and great idea for password.

Hope your father in law is improving.


Rebecca said... Reply to comment

Teee Heee! I had to look TWICE (three times) at that choco piggy cake. How fabulous is that?



PS: So happy no glass embedded into your feetsees!

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