Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My first BellaBox arrived!

Not sure if you have heard of BellaBox but you pay a monthly subscription of $15 and receive a box of goodies in the mail each month of new sample beauty type products.

One of my friends has been receiving them for quite a while now and the products she was receiving were awesome. They range from new products in makeup, skincare and lifestyle.

So, I signed up in December and received my first box yesterday...very exciting!!

You can earn reward points to spend in the BellaBox online store by referring people and signing up yourself.

One little gem that my friend received in her box the other month was a packet of 'zipettes' which are designed to hold the zip up on your pants...brilliant! She gave me one and they are just the best...I didn't realise how many pants I wasn't wearing because the zip kept coming down. I will be buying a pack myself.
You just cliip it onto the top of the zipper and hook the rubber part over the button and then just button up as normal. How clever!

A Bellabox subscription would make a great gift too for any girl who loves trying products and getting surprises in the mail.

Anyway if you would like to discover BellaBox for yourself click here
As mentioned if you sign up through that link I do receive reward points or you can just go to their site direct.


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