Saturday, August 4, 2012

A new blogger and bits and pieces!

Some of you may be familiar with Jo from Vintage Lane Stitches, who is one of my best friends and a creative person. One of her daughters Hannah has joined her on the blog and is posting some of the items she is making. Hannah is a very talented and creative person too, who loves stitching and sewing. Please go and visit their blog and welcome Hannah into blogland.

Above: These are the backpacks Jo and Hannah from
Vintage Lane Stitches made for the Sydney Quilt  and Craft Fair

I wasn't sure what to blog about, so looked on my camera to see what I had taken over the past couple of weeks. Below is our 2 beautiful 'grand dogs' who belong to our sons. 'Cooper' is the chocolate brown one and 'Marshall' is the black one. They come visiting and stay over quite often. They are beautiful dogs and in the picture they are sitting waiting for a special treat. The white board in the background is their shelter with their bed in it where they sleep if they stay over.

We have had a new coffee shop open within one of our beautiful homewares shop 'LaVilla' in Loxton. I had a coffee there with a friend last Saturday morning and it was lovely. Lots of yummy sweet treats to go with coffee as well as light lunches are available.

Have you ever cooked beetroot? I have always bought the tinned variety and had it cold with salad, but I decided to give cooking them a go. I just peeled and roasted them. You are meant to wear gloves when peeling so your fingers don't go red. I didn't and my fingers did go red but they washed off easily enough. They tasted just like warm beetroot...surprise, surprise!!  Not sure if I liked it enough to do it regularly but at least I've tried it.

One of our sons Daniel and his partner are in the process of building. Here is a shot taken a few weeks back. It has been rendered since then and it is now at lockup stage, but I haven't got photos of that yet. As he is a qualified cabinetmaker he is doing all the cabinetry himself.
It's amazing now a days with technology how fast things can develop online. You will recall the epic arrival of London's Mayor Boris Johnson via a zip wire to an olympic event. People have been creative with the photo of him dangling...take a look at the website dedicated to it   Quite amusing!

That's about all from me, hope you enjoy your weekend.



Chookyblue...... said... Reply to comment

dinner looks lovely..........I am please Jo and Hannah have started to blog again......they do lovely sewing........I have followed them for years......

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

Lovely dogs you show here; they will be a delight for 'dog sitting' them.
Family pets are so lucky for finding a loving family and shelter.
The home looks good. What type of roofing do they use in your area now?
Wishing you a happy weekend.

Pip said... Reply to comment

The coffee shop looks lovely, especially all the yummy treats :)

I love freshly cooked beetroot tossed in a vinaigrette (sp?) dressing while still warm, just beautiful.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

coffe shop looks very nice and i bottle my own beetroot love it warm.xx

Hannah & Jo said... Reply to comment

Hey Netty, thanks for the shoutout! I'm actually in the middle of writing another post right now! I cant wait to have coffee and cake at LaVilla, and Mum says she is looking forward to having a cuppa with you there next month.
Love Hannah x

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