Thursday, April 12, 2012

This and that

We stayed home this Easter as we were looking after both our boys dogs as they and their partners were away. They are 2 labradors, Cooper is chocolate brown and Marshall is black.
Here they are with my hubby having a play and enjoying their outing at a local oval.

The weather over the Easter long weekend was beautiful. They days were sunny and clear skies with the evenings a bit chilly. Our town is located along the Murray River system. There has been lots of water coming down due to floods in the eastern states. I took a few shots of the swollen river.
Those trees are not usually in the water. There is usually quite an expanse of land in front where people park their cars and setup camp on the river, hence there was no camping by the river this Easter.

Our town puts on a free breakfast every Easter Saturday. It certainly attracts a crowd of visitors and locals who have the choice of hot cross buns, fruit, sausages, hamburgers, eggs, orange juice, tea, coffee and milo. Easter bunny makes an appearance with free chocolate eggs for the children. I help out every year and enjoy chatting to those who come out early to soak up the atmosphere. It's great for the traders as people usually stay around and visit the shops.

My favourite find on Pinterest this week was this quilt which I think I might give a try sometime soon!
You can find the pattern and instructions for the rag quilt here


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

lovely pics Annette,glad you had a lovely relaxing easter.xx

Pip said... Reply to comment

I just love chocolate and black labs, much nicer looking than the honey coloured ones. Looks like a really good day out for Easter Saturday, the weather was certainly good.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

So you both had your hands full with the two dogs! But they are such lovable animals and certainly are family members.
Wish we had part of the water surplus you're showing here! Our garden is still dry from last year's hot and dry summer... Let's hope for the best.
Love to you,


Nellie McCarthy said... Reply to comment

Sounds like you had a lovely Easter long weekend Annette. I am so pleased that I found your blog and your pinterest. I am sure I will following you in both. xx

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