Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Summer Days

Not sure where to start seeing that I have had my longest break from blogging!! I look forward to catching up on some blog reading soon too as it's been quite a while since I called in on my blog friends.

Our Christmas this year was spread out over a week, with 3 family gatherings. We had Christmas Day with my hubby's family, a boxing day BBQ at our place with our sons, their partners and their parents and then one a few days later with all my family. It was a great time of catching up.

For my family gathering it was a scorching day of 39° so instead of having it at one of my sister's places, they hired the local civic hall, which gave us lots of space and air conditioning. The young kids loved the stage and provided fun entertainment with impromptu dance displays and skits...very funny!

This was the long lunch table at the civic hall with my family.

All my sisters on the steps of the stage at the civic hall.

We had a garden party for a friends 21st. It was a beautiful setting and very pretty!

The only picture I had of the pretty setting!

Us old gals enjoying the afternoon
This was the birthday girl who got dressed down later in the night
and enjoyed choosing a treat from the huge box of chocolates!

 I always enjoy our outdoor entertaining area at this time of the year. It's a tranquil place to sit and read, or to share meals with friends and family. 
I love relaxing with a good book and a couple that I have read over the past months and really enjoyed are these.

And yes our bathroom makeover is progressing but slowly!!  We have the new vanity in now, but still waiting on a few other things to be done before I can show the big reveal!! Here is a sneak peak of the vanity.
 I will be back soon with a new delish recipe I came across the other week...yum!


Mariette's Back to Basics said... Reply to comment

Dearest Anett,

Sounds like your summer is as hot as ours was. Smart for using the civic center with air-conditioning for the large family gathering!
Have a great day and love to you,


PS what a monster-box of chocolates!

Pip said... Reply to comment

That's a very long table, good way to avoid the heat and keep the kids occupied. Love your pretty setting for the garden party, looks like it was a nice day.

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