Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spring and an easy dessert

In Australia we have entered into Spring, a wonderful time of the  year when nature 'springs to life'. My garden is very much a spring/summer garden with flowering plants and annuals and creeping vines which have all awoken from their winter slumber and growing rapidly with the warmer weather we're experiencing. I love it!!

We have been re-doing parts of our front garden but I'll show you that in a later post, once things start to grow a bit more.

Our lavender borders down the back have just started to come into flower and the bees are plentiful.

A few weeks back our town had a special Sunday Trading Day and launched a Gift Voucher concept for the town. To promote this day a few of us on the committee decorated the central roundabout to the main shopping district with gift boxes and a sign, drawing attention to the voucher launch. The photos below show a very thick fog which we contended with to put the displays together!

 After a simple dessert?  I made these Apricot Turnovers the other week. Just buy some puff pastry sheets and dried apricots. Stew the dried apricots in a little water first with a tablespoon of sugar and then allow to cool a little.
Lay out the sheets and cut into quarters. On one side place some of the apricots and then bring the pasty over and seal down the edges with your fingers. Brush with milk and a sprinkling of sugar on top. Bake for around 15-20 minutes in moderate over or until the pastry has browned. Then cool them on a baking rack.

And to add a touch of Pink here are some bits and pieces from around our home.

Here are some Pierre de Ronsards that were featured on a garden tour that I went on a couple of years back. Hopefully mine will look a bit more like these this year!

Blogger....Is anyone else having trouble with loading photos lately in blogger? The last few posts it has been a pain, very slow and my photos are al small image sizes. Not sure what's going on there.

I will be joining Pink Saturday, so head on over if you want to see some more 'pink' related posts.


Elaine said... Reply to comment

I can relive spring thru your pictures.. Our fall has jsut begun. Yummy looking turnover

Mariette's Back to Basics said... Reply to comment

Dearest Annette,

Your garden looks lovely and what a joy to embrace spring! Wish I could relive our spring as the summer did kill so many of our roses, hostas, azaleas and trees. Scorching heat of 40-44°C for about a month proved to be too much and NO rain. Only yesterday we had the first rain. Things look fresh but for the farmers it is too late. Blackened sunflowers, cotton and soy beans... Sad.
Let's hope for a better 2012!
Love to you and enjoy your flowers and that apricot dessert was genial.


Naturally Carol said... Reply to comment

Hi Annette, isn't it wonderful to see spring come and the garden literally spring to life again after the cold of winter. It's also wonderful to feel warmth in the air and be able to open the windows again and let the breeze in. Have a great weekend!

Mariette's Back to Basics said... Reply to comment

Dear Annette,

Forgot to say how clever you've done those gift boxes with the plastic bow tie! Looks so pretty. Regardless of the weather... you all can be proud of it.

Love to you,


chubskulit said... Reply to comment


My share of Pink have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

lovely post Annette,love those roses

Pip said... Reply to comment

Yum, now I'm hungry after seeing your apricot turnover. Your garden is looking good, I think the extra rain we've had over the last year has helped all our gardens.

Bev C said... Reply to comment

Hello Annette,

Thank you for the tour of Pinkness. Pierre is a great rose I have a standard in the back yard and a row of them along the front fence. They are pretty tough and fend for themselves. The bees would be in heaven amongst your lavender.
Great idea about the gift vouchers.
Happy days.

pinkkandy said... Reply to comment

Happy pinkness...Happy Autumn....I am so excited for Fall, I know you are too !!It just makes me want to cozy up...enjoy your week-end!
God Bless You

Antiques And Teacups said... Reply to comment

What a wonderful idea for the town! Kudos! Love the dessert as well...thanks for the recipe! A little late for PS....

Georgy said... Reply to comment

Your garden looks beautiful, love lavender and have a few bushes in our garden that have just come to life. I am taking lots of cuttings and bringing it inside. What a great thing for the Town to do and love the gift boxes idea. Hope you are having a great weekend. G

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